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How awesome is this! It’s a playable Angry Birds cake. Way to raise the bar for app cakes, I guess they need to be interactive now ;)!

iTunes: Angry Birds ($0.99)


We wanted to find a cake to go with a Helsing’s Fire app recommendation, and wow, we found one truly worthy! This cake is a masterpiece… it’s rare that a cake can only be grasped in video!

Cake via

And that’s perfect for Helsing’s Fire on all levels, it’s a fantastic game, and even though the screenshots look good, you have to see it moving to really appreciate it. It’s hardly a hidden gem anymore, but if (for some crazy reason) you don’t have it yet, go buy it now:-

iTunes: Helsing’s Fire ($0.99)

This is exactly the kind of awesomeness that App Cakes is here to share, the iPhone Sandwich.

Click through to the blog below for behind the scenes footage and more info.

Link: iSandwich 4G Blog

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