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We couldn’t find a cake for Monkey Island 2, but this pumpkin will do just great (via Joystiq).

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The classic Monkey Island 2 for the iPhone is on sale for just 99c right now! I don’t know what else to say… go:-

iTunes: Monkey Island 2 ($0.99) down from $7.99. An iPad version is also available for $9.99

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This is probably a good time to mention that Halloween is approaching fast, so if you have (or are going to make) any App pumpkins, send the pictures our way. A lot of the big gaming sites run pumpkin carving contests too, so it’s a lot of fun, our Sneezies pumpkin made it into one of Kotaku’s round-ups last year.


From Reddit, via Kotaku

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The cake gods are smiling on us lately, first we had cakes for two of the most popular iPhone games ever show up, and now here’s a perfectly timed cake based on the retro version of The Oregon Trail.

Why perfect? Because the iPhone version of The Oregon Trail is on sale for just 99c, right now! It must be an exciting sale, because it’s pushed the game all the way up to #2 in the US games chart, so grab the deal now while you can:-

iTunes: The Oregon Trail ($0.99)

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