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Elf Command is a fun, free, holiday time management game from Retro Dreamer.

App Store: Elf Command

Baker: Retro Dreamer


sneezies pumpkin

The iPhone pumpkin contest is off the mark! Sneezies is a cute bubble popping chain reaction game.

Carver: Retro Dreamer

iTunes: Sneezies

Eyegore's Eye Blast Cake

Eyegore’s Eye Blast is a quirky match 3 arcade puzzle game, featuring Eyegore and a lot of eyeballs (shown here in cupcake form :)).

Baker: Retro Dreamer

iTunes: Eyegore’s Eye Blast


Sneezies is a cute and relaxing puzzle game. Touch the screen to start a sneezing chain reaction and free as many Sneezies as possible.

Baker: Retro Dreamer

iTunes: Sneezies

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