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The deadline has passed and the cakes are all baked (and probably eaten), so now we need to pick the winners. We have our own favorites, but we’d love to hear what you think.

The Finalists

Stan with TotemoZombie Pizza

Songbird with reMovemQuadrati and Mission: Deep Sea

Tim with Blocks Classic

Cathy with Harbor MasterRailroad Madness, PapiJumpMs Chuck the Ball and TanZen

Benedetti with Jabeh

Click through any of the thumbnails to see the larger versions, and any extra pictures when available. You can also see them all side by side on the bake off page.

And make sure you follow the main links to the App Store to see how the entries compare to the real icons :).

The Prizes

There are a lot of promo code prizes, so each of these guys is going to walk away with a big stack of Apps. There’s also the 4 iTunes gift card prizes… but, since there are 5 people, we’ve decided to add another $15 gift card to the prize pool to make sure everyone gets one of those too. See the bake off page for full details of all prizes.

Who wins?

We’ll have our own picks, and a panel of judges to consult, but we’d like to know what you think too. Who do you think should be crowned this year’s iPhone App Cake champion? Post your choices here in the comments, or using twitter, tweet something like “Hey @appcakes, the king of iPhone App Cake is: xxxx”.

We’ll announce the winners and send out the prizes later this week.


PapiJump is a tilt based jumping game, jump as high as you can!

App Store: PapiJump

Baker: Cathy

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