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Great video, great cake art, great app!

iTunes: Fruit Ninja ($0.99)


Is there a more exciting development in the world of cake than the cake pop? We don’t think so. The Superficial Girls blog has this Angry Birds one and a cute Hello Kitty version.

Mmmmmm… Cake Pops…

iTunes: Angry Birds ($0.99)

Kotaku have a great how to guide, and a bunch of photos. If you’ve ever wanted to make an App Cake, this will be ideal for you. Send us a picture when you’re done!

Link: How to build your own Angry Birds Cake

A cool selection of cookies based on app icons from PRANZO DI FAMIGLIA.

Looks like there were plenty to go around :).

Not only did iPhone developer Aaron Griffith (or his wife) painstakingly recreate Casey in cookie form, but they made a whole tray to feed an army of iPhone developers at the Casey’s Contraptions launch party. We salute your sacrifice Aaron!

If you don’t have Casey’s Contraptions, you should go and pick up a copy, it’s made by a great couple of guys and is a genuinely great game. It’s iPad only for now, but an update is coming to support the iPhone too.

iTunes: Casey’s Contraptions ($2.99)

Image Link on Twitpic

@MarkusN on twitter got an awesome birthday cake this year, a wonderful Angry Birds app cake. Happy Birthday Markus!

iTunes: Angry Birds ($0.99)

Image found on Flickr (user snarkygurl)

Cut the Rope is a lovely game. It won a gaggle of awards this year, including a BAFTA. You have to feed a cute little monster some candy. If you don’t have it yet, get it!

iTunes: Cut the Rope ($0.99)

Tiny Wings cakes created by the developer’s sister, via Twitter.

Tiny Wings is a lovely new iPhone game, it was top of the games chart for a while, if you don’t already have it, help put it back up there by grabbing it now. You won’t be disappointed:-

iTunes: Tiny Wings ($0.99)

How awesome is this! It’s a playable Angry Birds cake. Way to raise the bar for app cakes, I guess they need to be interactive now ;)!

iTunes: Angry Birds ($0.99)

This iPhone 4 cake comes with a great blog post, with a making of story, a bunch of other photos, and a bonus Apple Mini cake. Check it out at A Slice of V & A. I always love the attention to detail on the iPhone cakes, especially reproducing the bevels and slots, and all the default app icons. Great stuff!

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