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Not only did iPhone developer Aaron Griffith (or his wife) painstakingly recreate Casey in cookie form, but they made a whole tray to feed an army of iPhone developers at the Casey’s Contraptions launch party. We salute your sacrifice Aaron!

If you don’t have Casey’s Contraptions, you should go and pick up a copy, it’s made by a great couple of guys and is a genuinely great game. It’s iPad only for now, but an update is coming to support the iPhone too.

iTunes: Casey’s Contraptions ($2.99)


Sheep cake via flickr user Moron Noodle

—— —— ——

Leap Sheep HD is free today only, it works on both the iPhone and the iPad. Go:-

iTunes: Leap Sheep HD (Free 8/6)

First iPad cake we’ve seen, is this the new iPhone cake?

via Walyou & Flickr : ExtraKetchup

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