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That’s right, one of the better games of it’s time, Zen Bound, is now available for free, with a Mac and PC version on the horizon.

It’s an interesting game to play, you have to wrap things with rope and change the color, it’s very zen (as the title implies), and it’s probably not like anything else you’ve ever played. Check it out for free now:-

iTunes: Zen Bound (FREE)

Baker: Secret Exit


This was a banner/promo image we made for last year’s Great Indie Bake Off. I’m posting it today to celebrate the release of the best recent Pac-man game on the iPhone, the Championship Edition! It was awesome on XBLA.

iTunes: PAC-MAN Championship Edition

*PS, this year’s App Bake Off is starting soon, check out the teaser post over on the Retro Dreamer Blog, and watch this space for details and cakes (and get working on your entry for the contest ;)).


Flick Bowling is a popular bowling game from Freeverse.

Baker: Freeverse

iTunes: Flick Bowling


Sneezies is a cute and relaxing puzzle game. Touch the screen to start a sneezing chain reaction and free as many Sneezies as possible.

Baker: Retro Dreamer

iTunes: Sneezies


Chopper is an action packed helicopter game, a former #1 App Store hit.

Baker: Majic Jungle

iTunes: Chopper


Up There is a fast paced arcade game where you have to keep your balloon going upwards, avoiding various obstacles.

Baker: Veiled Games

iTunes: Up There


This cake was baked by Appy Entertainment when they didn’t have any specific Apps, they’ve since created the excellent Appy Newz and FaceFighter. Hopefully we’ll get to see a FaceFighter cake someday :).

Baker: Appy Entertainment

iTunes: FaceFighter, Appy Newz


Burnball is an action game where you have to restore color to the world by rolling your ball and avoiding enemies.

Baker: IMS

iTunes: Burnball

scramboni cake small

Scramboni is a free multiplayer word game. Unscramble the words as fast as you can to win.

Baker: Byteclub

iTunes: Scramboni


Slingshot is a space based physics combat game. Use the gravitational pull of the planets to direct your missiles.

Baker: Giraffe Lab

iTunes: Slingshot

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