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Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 8.10.13 AM

Spotted on twitter:

Cool selection of assorted app icon cupcakes!

There’s a Candy Crush Saga icon in there, check it out on the App Store



Great video, great cake art, great app!

iTunes: Fruit Ninja ($0.99)

We don’t get a lot of Android stuff here, so enjoy these muffin cupcakes from PRANZO DI FAMIGLIA

Image Link, via Twitter

Tiny Wings cakes created by the developer’s sister, via Twitter.

Tiny Wings is a lovely new iPhone game, it was top of the games chart for a while, if you don’t already have it, help put it back up there by grabbing it now. You won’t be disappointed:-

iTunes: Tiny Wings ($0.99)

Via Cupcakes Take The Cake, a delicious blog for cupcakes fans.

Another cake from The Empty Fridge, this is for everyone’s favorite disgruntled avians.

If you don’t already have the Angry Birds app, well, I can’t imagine why:-

iTunes: Angry Birds ($0.99)

Baker: The Empty Fridge

Do I need try to come up with an iPhone App connection? Really? They’re Borg cupcakes, dagnamit.

via Geekologie

(Since the Cupcakes app is so popular on the iPhone, I figure any cupcake automatically has an app connection :))

We had a lot going on once we wrapped up the bake off. Finishing up our latest iPhone game, and moving home. And what happened? While we had our eye off the ball, iPhone cakes started popping up everywhere. Here are some that we found floating around twitter.

Click through the images for original sources and more background info where available!

This one looks impressive, apparently all the apps are little mini cakes. I hope someone took more pictures before it was devoured!

I love this next one, from the lovely crisp photo, right down to the earphones. Awesome job.

Keep your App Cakes coming, we’ll post them all. And don’t forget: Easter = Painted Egg (or chocolate?) app tributes.

Game cake overload! 100 gaming cupcakes. You might have seen this already, but it bubbled up while we were running the App Bake Off and it slipped through our net. There are plenty of iPhone games in there too.

Link 100 Gaming Cupcakes

Found combined image via BuzzFeed

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