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A lovely collection of iPhone App Cupcakes, and a mouth-wateringly clear photo to boot. These ones are from Dolce. I’m hungry now.


Eyegore's Eye Blast Cake

Eyegore’s Eye Blast is a quirky match 3 arcade puzzle game, featuring Eyegore and a lot of eyeballs (shown here in cupcake form :)).

Baker: Retro Dreamer

iTunes: Eyegore’s Eye Blast


Because the iPhone App Cupcakes made the list, and because many of the others could be tenuously linked to some iPhone App or other, and simply because they’re so awesome: 20 Pictures of Nerdy Cupcakes

Image: Topless Robot


Another multi-App photo! These cupcakes were baked by Nick & Danielle Bilton for a cupcake decorating contest last year (they won). Follow the link for more pictures, and browse around Danielle’s blog for more gorgeous food photos… I’m so hungry now.

Baker: Nick & Danielle Bilton

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