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Find your zen with this version of the classic tangram puzzle. Almost 500 puzzles, all with the deceptively simple goal of arranging 7 pieces into a shape.

App Store: TanZen

Baker: Cathy


Ms Chuck the Ball is a clever puzzle game with over 100 puzzles to play through. It’s a more casual version of Chuck the Ball.

App Store: Ms Chuck the Ball

Baker: Cathy

PapiJump is a tilt based jumping game, jump as high as you can!

App Store: PapiJump

Baker: Cathy

Take to the seas and command a busy harbor, direct the ships to port and safely back out to sea.

App Store: Harbor Master

Baker: Cathy

Railroad Madness puts you in charge of the train yard, manage the switches and keep the trains under control!

App Store: Railroad Madness

Baker: Cathy

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