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Punch Quest is a fantastic endless retro punching game.

Check it out in the App Store


Great video, great cake art, great app!

iTunes: Fruit Ninja ($0.99)

Kotaku have a great how to guide, and a bunch of photos. If you’ve ever wanted to make an App Cake, this will be ideal for you. Send us a picture when you’re done!

Link: How to build your own Angry Birds Cake

Image link from Twitpic

A prophetic old school birthday cake for the kid who would grow up to make Garry’s Mod for Half-Life 2.

This wins just for saying Lemmings.

Image Link on Twitpic

@MarkusN on twitter got an awesome birthday cake this year, a wonderful Angry Birds app cake. Happy Birthday Markus!

iTunes: Angry Birds ($0.99)

Image found on Flickr (user snarkygurl)

Cut the Rope is a lovely game. It won a gaggle of awards this year, including a BAFTA. You have to feed a cute little monster some candy. If you don’t have it yet, get it!

iTunes: Cut the Rope ($0.99)

Tiny Wings cakes created by the developer’s sister, via Twitter.

Tiny Wings is a lovely new iPhone game, it was top of the games chart for a while, if you don’t already have it, help put it back up there by grabbing it now. You won’t be disappointed:-

iTunes: Tiny Wings ($0.99)

Not an app cake in the strictest sense, but the guys at Spilt Milk Studios cakified their logo, and made a gorgeous facebook gallery of the photos along the way. And it makes a change to have an App related cake that isn’t about Angry Birds :P.

How awesome is this! It’s a playable Angry Birds cake. Way to raise the bar for app cakes, I guess they need to be interactive now ;)!

iTunes: Angry Birds ($0.99)

This iPhone 4 cake comes with a great blog post, with a making of story, a bunch of other photos, and a bonus Apple Mini cake. Check it out at A Slice of V & A. I always love the attention to detail on the iPhone cakes, especially reproducing the bevels and slots, and all the default app icons. Great stuff!

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