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The world of app based food has been quiet lately, so finding the Bento My App contest on twitter was a nice surprise. One of our first posts here was a bento, but we haven’t had any others to write about here since :(.

Enter Not a Brown Bag’s App Store Bento Challenge! Inspired by a series of Angry Birds creations, the contest already has a couple of cool entries.

iTunes: Angry Birds ($0.99)

If you don’t have Angry Birds already, go and get it now! Also, get Cut the Rope, because that’s as awesome as this next bento too. This one is from Bentolicious, an entire blog dedicated to Bento. They have tips too if you want to add some bento to your life:-

iTunes: Cut the Rope ($0.99)

The last entry so far is for the wonderful Pocket Frogs, a froggy pet simulator, which is not only free, but also very good fun, and just this last week got a big new update with frog races.

iTunes: Pocket Frogs (FREE)

I’m hungry now. These are so awesome. I hope someone will make more, if you’re tempted check out the challenge.


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