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Monthly Archives: September 2010

We posted about the Monkey Island 2 sale earlier in the week.

We just found out that the iPhone version of the original Monkey Island is also on sale for 99c, and the iPad version of Monkey Island 2 is on sale for $4.99.

iTunes: Monkey Island ($0.99)

iTunes: Monkey Island 2 for iPad ($4.99)


If you’ve ever wondered how much people like frogs, try googling for a frog cake. Wow… of all the apps we’ve tried to find cakes for, this had by far the most options. This one from Carlene’s Cakes was our favorite though :).

—— —— ——

NimbleBit obviously knew all too well how frog crazy the world had gone, with first Dizzypad, and now Pocket Frogs on the iPhone & iPad. It’s a free game where you gather and breed frogs, with thousands of unique frogs to discover. Grab it now:-

iTunes: Pocket Frogs (FREE)

We couldn’t find a cake for Monkey Island 2, but this pumpkin will do just great (via Joystiq).

—— —— —— ——

The classic Monkey Island 2 for the iPhone is on sale for just 99c right now! I don’t know what else to say… go:-

iTunes: Monkey Island 2 ($0.99) down from $7.99. An iPad version is also available for $9.99

—— —— —— ——

This is probably a good time to mention that Halloween is approaching fast, so if you have (or are going to make) any App pumpkins, send the pictures our way. A lot of the big gaming sites run pumpkin carving contests too, so it’s a lot of fun, our Sneezies pumpkin made it into one of Kotaku’s round-ups last year.

It’s a feast of gaming food! (via The Tanooki).

—— —— —— ——

If that’s put you in the mood for some Mario, you might be out of luck on the iPhone (unless you’re looking on the shady side of the App Store for some copyright infringement that’s slipped through the cracks), but it looks like you could do a lot worse than Pizza Boy. The graphics look great and the gameplay looks very much like an old Nintendo platformer:-

iTunes: Pizza Boy ($1.99)

Awesome cake by the creators of The Incident, made to celebrate their switch to full time independence. They posted the full story and making of pictures on their own blog.

The Incident is a super cool retro styled platform game (well, it’s kind of a platform game… things fall from the sky and you have to avoid them and jump on them… but you should really play it to see). Well worth checking out, Universal too:-

iTunes: The Incident ($1.99)

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