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Monthly Archives: August 2010

From Reddit, via Kotaku

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The cake gods are smiling on us lately, first we had cakes for two of the most popular iPhone games ever show up, and now here’s a perfectly timed cake based on the retro version of The Oregon Trail.

Why perfect? Because the iPhone version of The Oregon Trail is on sale for just 99c, right now! It must be an exciting sale, because it’s pushed the game all the way up to #2 in the US games chart, so grab the deal now while you can:-

iTunes: The Oregon Trail ($0.99)


Another chart topping cake: Doodle Jump, one of the best and most popular iPhone games around. If you don’t have Doodle Jump, or haven’t heard of Doodle Jump, take 99c out of your wallet right now and go have some fun. It’s your lucky day too, they’ve just released a new update with iPhone 4 enhanced graphics support!

iTunes: Doodle Jump ($0.99)

Funnily enough, we found this cake via the Pocket God blog – that’s the kind of collaboration, respect and positive encouragement that we love about the iPhone market… when everyone is so nice to each other, doesn’t it just make you want to give them 99c too?

iTunes: Pocket God ($0.99)

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It’s Angry Birds, baked! If you don’t know Angry Birds, it’s only one of (if not the) most successful iPhone games around. And deservedly so, because it’s genuinely awesome, buy it now if you don’t already have it. Otherwise just marvel at the cakey goodness.

iTunes: Angry Birds ($0.99)

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Sheep cake via flickr user Moron Noodle

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Leap Sheep HD is free today only, it works on both the iPhone and the iPad. Go:-

iTunes: Leap Sheep HD (Free 8/6)

Here are a couple of cool cakes we’ve spotted online this week:-

Star Wars Cupcakes spotted on Technabob

Apple Pie Spotted on Mashable — this is part of a set of 10 photos, some of the others are equally awesome, click through for the full list.

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You’ll be needing some Apps with those cakes…

Keen App fans will remember Dark Nebula. The second episode is now available for just 99c. Go!:-

iTunes: Dark Nebula – Episode 2 ($0.99)

We just noticed that the HD version of Worms for the iPad is currently on sale for $2.99. After they announced a brand new 2D desktop Worms game and crushed my heart by making it PC only, this might be the best I’ll be able to get for a while.

iTunes: Worms HD ($2.99 – regular $4.99)

Cake photo via Flickr user pescatello.

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This post has everything! We love cakes, we love cookies, we love Sesame Street… and we love us some retro gaming. Monster RPG 2 is a 16-bit era (SNES/Genesis) role playing game for the iPhone. And it’s available free today:-

iTunes: Monster RPG 2 (Free, 8/3, $2.99 regular)

This was one of the cool entries in our Great App Bake off earlier in the year, and we noticed the developer had been making some updates lately.

Story Tracker is a specialized app for writers. It lets you keep track of stories you write, who you submitted them to, any fees you might have received, etc. The developer has added downloads available to his website with prebuilt market databases to help you with your submissions, as well as import and export options. The latest versions are designed for the iPad as well, so if it’s the kind of app you need you’re getting a great deal for just $9.99. There is a free version too if you just want to try it out.

iTunes: Story Tracker ($9.99)

Robot Cake via Flickr user Paul Albertella. Infinite bonus points for extensive use of curly wurly struts.

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I thought it would be super easy to match a cake to this unmissable iPhone freebie, but apparently the worlds of Mech and Cake don’t collide all that often. Luckily, some people, for obvious reasons, make robot cakes.

Mecho Wars is a cracking Advance Wars style game for the iPhone, with full online multiplayer support and a full campaign game to play through on your own. It’s free right now, which is absolutely stupid value. If you don’t get it, I hope it’s because you want to buy it when the price goes back up to avoid feeling guilty.

iTunes: Mecho Wars (Free today, but worth buying anyway)

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