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Here at App Cakes we love Apps, and we love cakes, so we created this blog to bring the two together. Actually, we love it when Apps clash with any kind of crafts, cakes are just our favorite – for obvious, delicious reasons.

Unfortunately, aside from our big marquee events like the Great App Bake Off, and the occasional die hard cake fan, there aren’t a lot of people who spend their time doing crafty or cakey things based on Apps… or if there are, they don’t know about us, and we don’t know about them.

So, it’s time for a change.

We still want to bring the world glorious hand made App tributes, so if you make one, send it to us and we’ll feature it. But, we’re also going to get out and try to find cakes and crafts that relate to Apps we like, or to highlight some that are on sale.


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