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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Awesome sword cake via Flickr user creative cake maker

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We couldn’t let this sale go by without posting: Ravensword, one of the most popular iPhone RPG games, is on sale for just 99c. It’s usually 6.99, and it’s never been this low before. Grab it now!

iTunes: Ravensword ($0.99)


A long time ago, Majic Jungle made an awesome helicopter game called Chopper. And also baked one of the first App Cakes we featured.

Now, they have an even more awesome helicopter game, Chopper 2. This one is going to be huge, and it’s only $2.99 right now, a launch special. Get it now!

iTunes: Chopper 2 ($2.99)

Awesome frog cake pic via Flickr user NESJumpman

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One of the slickest and nicest looking puzzle games on the iPhone is having a rare sale. The iPhone and iPad versions of Ancient Frog are available for just 99c. This isn’t one of those price hopper apps that’s on sale all the time, grab this one while you can.

iPhone: Ancient Frog ($0.99)

iPad: Ancient Frog HD ($0.99)

Cake Photo via flickr user hoyasmeg

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Everybody loves pirates, and we’ve been hearing nothing but great things about Plunderland. It looks truly gorgeous, definitely a must have. Apple even picked it as their app of the week, so it must be something pretty special. We can’t wait to check it out over the weekend:-

iTunes: Plunderland ($2.99)

You can’t eat this wooden NES, but it’s exactly the kind of hand crafted gaming related goodness we love here at App Cakes. For sale on ebay, via Kotaku.

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Check out Dark Void Zero from Capcom for some crazy 8bit retro action on your iPhone. On sale for 99c this week:-

iTunes: Dark Void Zero (99c – Sale price)

Image from Flickr user themonnie

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Without eggs we’d have no cakes at all, so Doodle Egg deserves a mention, a fun little physics puzzler, free today only:-

iTunes: Doodle Egg (FREE – 7/20 only)

Cake via – Click through for a step by step guide to make the robot cake!

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Our friends at Kuyi Mobile just released a new free jumping robot game, Jumpbot. It’s a little different to other jumping games you might have played on the iPhone, and it’s free, check it out:-

iTunes: Jumpbot (FREE)

We wanted to find a cake to go with a Helsing’s Fire app recommendation, and wow, we found one truly worthy! This cake is a masterpiece… it’s rare that a cake can only be grasped in video!

Cake via

And that’s perfect for Helsing’s Fire on all levels, it’s a fantastic game, and even though the screenshots look good, you have to see it moving to really appreciate it. It’s hardly a hidden gem anymore, but if (for some crazy reason) you don’t have it yet, go buy it now:-

iTunes: Helsing’s Fire ($0.99)

Image via World’s Strangest.

Disney just released a new free Tron game. It’s pretty damn sweet for a free game, you play as a tank in a series of maps, and it has multiplayer support, check it out!

iTunes: Tron (FREE)

Obviously, Tron is better known for the lightbike races, so check this next app out if you’d rather recreate that:-

iTunes: LightBike 2 (FREE)

Free Apps, Cake, TRON, what more could you want? Okay, here’s a link to some Tron Lego.

Here at App Cakes we love Apps, and we love cakes, so we created this blog to bring the two together. Actually, we love it when Apps clash with any kind of crafts, cakes are just our favorite – for obvious, delicious reasons.

Unfortunately, aside from our big marquee events like the Great App Bake Off, and the occasional die hard cake fan, there aren’t a lot of people who spend their time doing crafty or cakey things based on Apps… or if there are, they don’t know about us, and we don’t know about them.

So, it’s time for a change.

We still want to bring the world glorious hand made App tributes, so if you make one, send it to us and we’ll feature it. But, we’re also going to get out and try to find cakes and crafts that relate to Apps we like, or to highlight some that are on sale.

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