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After much deliberation, the final standings in this year’s App Bake Off have been decided:-

1st Stan with Totemo and Zombie Pizza

App Store: Totemo ($0.99)

App Store: Zombie Pizza ($0.99)

2nd Benedetti with Jabeh

App Store: Jabeh ($4.99)

3rd Cathy with all those lovely cookies and the TanZen cake

App Store: TanZen ($0.99)

Runners Up: Tim with Blocks Classic, and Songbird with the Misson: Deep Sea cookie & others

App Store: Blocks Classic ($0.99)

App Store: Mission: Deep Sea ($2.99)

It was very close, and the professional finishing on the Jabeh cake very nearly swung the balance, but Stan’s double effort and creativity just tipped it in his favor. Luckily, everyone gets a nice little bundle of promo codes and some iTunes credit :). Benedetti definitely made the most desirable looking cake, everyone wanted a piece of that one.

It wasn’t close in the developer section, we have a practically unanimous new champion of iPhone cake:-

App Store: Earth Vs Moon ($0.99)

Low Five Games’s Earth Vs Moon is the new developer champion, ousting Appy’s controversial effort from last year.

Honorable mentions go to Face Race, Scoops, and Elf Command.

Thanks to everyone who entered, sponsored, or supported this year’s App Bake Off, we hope you’ll be back next year.

Remember, App Cakes is here all year round with yummy iPhone cake. Send us anything edible you make based on an App, we’ll post it here and link to the App in the App Store. Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the blog to see new iPhone app cakes when we have them. We’d love to see your painted App eggs for easter, we might even rustle up some promo codes for the best ones if we get enough :).

And if you want to take another look at the record 27 cakes from this year’s bake off, you can find them on the main contest page.


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