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If you haven’t visited the site for a few days, here’s what you missed:-

10 new developer cakes! (remember! The developer cakes are just for fun, all the prizes have been donated by developers and will be given out to non-developers who enter)

All these new prizes:-

5 promo codes for QuizQuizQuiz provided by Four Door Lemon.

5 promo codes for Above And Beyond provided by Axios Games.

3 promo codes for ScoopsSky BurgerMoon DropHanoi Plus and Bluebird, provided by NimbleBit.

2 promo codes for Baby Grow provided by Andy Molloy.

IMAK Creations also provided an extra $25 iTunes certificate. That means up to 4 entries can walk away with iTunes credit!

That’s 16 more chances to win since last week!

Thanks also to our friends at TheAPPera for posting about the the contest.

There’s a Touch Arcade thread where the Great App Bake Off is being discussed, feel free to join in there, ask questions, etc. Also, follow @appcakes on twitter for regular updates.

So what are you waiting for, check out the existing cakes for inspiration, and get baking! And don’t forget, the contest is open to everything edible, we had a cookie the other day, but we’d also like to see some cupcakes, and a bit of bento would rock! Whatever creative ways you can come up with to make a tribute to an iPhone App from food, we want to see it on App Cakes.


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