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Since launching the Great App Bake Off on Monday, we’ve added some new prizes:-

A £50 iTunes Gift certificate(*), provided by Chillingo.

A $50 iTunes Gift certificate(*), provided by Antair.

Promo codes for Rocket Santa and Star Fusion provided by Bytesize Adventures.

5 promo codes for Serving Sizer, provided by Creative Algorithms.

Promo codes are US only, you need to be based in the US or have a US iTunes account. Gift cards are also limited by region unless stated otherwise.

* PayPal equivalent available for winner if not in the correct region.

This is awesome, thank you so much to our sponsors. Remember that all the prizes will be allocated to non-developer entries. We all want to see what you can come up with, it’s not a professional contest :).

Pick any App, make some food based tribute to it, send us a picture. It’s that easy.

The closing date for the contest is the 4th January 2010, so you have two full holiday weekends (not to mention holiday foods!) to get creative with.

Thanks also to 148apps and The Portable Gamer for writing about the contest. If you found your way here from one of those articles, please subscribe to our feed or follow us on twitter to keep up with all the latest cakes as the contest continues. And please tell your friends about the Great App Bake Off!


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