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Monthly Archives: October 2009



Can you collect them all? Uggles is fast and furious casual fun.

Carver: Frogameleon

iTunes: Uggles



Another iPhone cake, another serious pro effort, for Jerry Brito’s wedding. Follow the link to see more pics, this thing was huge. It was baked by Charm City Cakes, of Ace of Cakes fame.

sneezies pumpkin

The iPhone pumpkin contest is off the mark! Sneezies is a cute bubble popping chain reaction game.

Carver: Retro Dreamer

iTunes: Sneezies

iPhone cake (from Debbie Does Cakes)

This fantastic looking iPhone cake was made by Debbie Does Cakes, check out her photo stream, there’s some truly awesome cakes in there.

We found this via an article on SF Weekly, about failed iPhone cakes (this one was the example for how they should look). We thought the article was a bit mean, we’re all amateurs here at App Cakes, give it your best shot and we’ll pat you on the back for trying. We’re all about the delicious side benefits, and about doing something creative and fun to celebrate your new App, or to support one you love. You don’t have to be a pro baker to make an awesome App Cake (cakes and Apps are inherently awesome, you can’t go wrong when you combine the two). Try to make one yourself, you’ll gain a new appreciation for what the pros can achieve, and you’ll have a lot of fun doing it.

And don’t forget we’re looking for App pumpkins for Halloween if you want to try something different. We’ve been staring at our own pumpkin all week, trying to figure out how to cut it… expect to see the carnage next week ;).

Does Fifa really need an introduction ;)! Spotted on Twitter.

Baker: @eamobile (?)

iTunes: Fifa 10


Halloween is coming up, so let’s see some iPhone App inspired pumpkins!

Send us your pics, either via email or comments here on the site, or on twitter (@appcakes).

Get carving.


The worlds first picnic defense simulator! Use your catapult to protect your cakes from incoming birds, if any App should have a cake, it’s this one!

Baker: Crumbs and Doilies


Eyegore's Eye Blast Cake

Eyegore’s Eye Blast is a quirky match 3 arcade puzzle game, featuring Eyegore and a lot of eyeballs (shown here in cupcake form :)).

Baker: Retro Dreamer

iTunes: Eyegore’s Eye Blast

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